How to Choose a Deadlock Bolt?

Deadlock Bolt Even if you have purchased a high-tech alarm system and installed plenty of locks around your home you still might not be secure in your home. If an intruder is determined to enter your property then it can be very hard to stop them. One thing that can improve your security is a deadlock bolt. These make a door far more secure and even the most determined criminal will struggle to get past a high quality one. We will now look at a few tips for choosing a deadlock bolt.

How to Choose a Deadlock Bolt?

The most important thing when choosing and deadlock bolt is that you purchase quality. There are many cheap options available but you often get what you pay for. This is an important purchase and a low quality deadlock is just a waste of money. You should be prepared to pay that bit more money for hardened steel and a bolt that goes over an inch inside the door-jam. The inexpensive deadbolt locks might look secure but one kick and they will be useless.

Not every door is suitable for a deadlock bolt. For instance if you have a hollow door then putting a deadlock bolt on it is unlikely to provide any benefit. You should also be aware that there is a single or a double cylinder deadlock bolt. A single deadlock bolt works well with wood or metal doors. If you have a door with glass inside it then you will be best adding a double cylinder deadlock bolt.

Some Final Thoughts on How to Choose a Deadlock Bolt

A deadlock bolt will increase the security of your home by reinforcing doors and making it harder for intruders to enter your home. Even if a criminal is able to get past this lock it will give you added time during which you can alert the police.

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